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Introducing V212… or as I’ll forever think of it, my first piece. I never know where I’ll end up when I begin arranging, but usually the first thing to emerge is a color scheme. I find it amazing that I never set out to focus on certain colors, but it always turns out that way! This one is a cool pink & blue… not like cotton candy, more like the beginnings of a reserved sunrise. Nothing fiery, just a quiet, slow muted blue with a soft, rosy flush. I find it very serene. While I always love every detail of each piece (because I’ve fought with each tiny part until it looks right!), there’s always a few things that stick out to me above the rest. On this one, it’s the graceful, handsome, smooth lines of the dog and the way the bike rider flows right up out of him. I’m also very fond of the adorable kitty cat with the spectacular view of the birds in the sky.




V212, framed

[ For sale at ]


Author: merriamfrank

Cut & paste artist

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