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As is often the case with anything that takes extra effort, this piece has ended up strangely dear to me. It’s actually the first magazine I started cutting (for the “make 5 and open an Etsy shop” project) and tried to start arranging, but it defied me at every attempt to arrange into a cohesive whole. I finally swept all the pieces into a baggie and put it away to marinate. A few successful pieces later, I went back to it! Again it wasn’t easy, but this time I was able to find something to pull out.



I can’t really explain this one. It’s more full of edges than I usually allow and it doesn’t invoke a specific mood or even have an obvious color scheme, but it still just pleases me to look at it. At the end of the day, that’s my ultimate goal. Do I like to look at it? Yes? Well alright then. Maybe someone else will, too!


V612, framed

[ For sale at ]


Author: merriamfrank

Cut & paste artist

4 thoughts on “V612

  1. Beautiful collage.

    • Oh Betsy! Did you hear the champagne corks popping & see the confetti falling?? Haha maybe not, as it was only in my head. You’re the first comment on my blog, and I thank you very much!!!

  2. Count me as someone who enjoys looking at your piece as well.

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