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E812 is another piece that I had to put away in frustration & pull out again later. Poor E812! I’ve restricted myself to one magazine & one magazine only for each piece in this first series, so at a certain point I’m just stuck & HAVE to make it work, which is exactly why I set the limit in the first place. I finally glued this one down, but I both like & dislike it. Then again, every time I decide I don’t like it, it pulls me back. It’s got a certain something.



I do love the faceless person under the umbrella. Whoever they are, I fought for them & they’re the reason this piece reached any state of finished. (I couldn’t scrap the piece entirely because I had that much and couldn’t let it go!)

E812, framed

E812, framed

[ For sale at ]

I’m excited to have finished my first challenge (make 5, each from only 1 magazine, no hunting for perfect scraps elsewhere)… it was good exercise! But I’m even more excited to begin my next series – I’ve got ideas to last me for awhile!


Author: merriamfrank

Cut & paste artist

2 thoughts on “E812

  1. Bellissimi i tuoi collage!!

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