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Technically, it’s now fall. My calendar says so! But here in Louisiana, the weather generally doesn’t follow traditional seasons… We were all excited last weekend with the first “cold snap” of the year – highs around 92, lows around 67!!! Hey, it beats the summer weather. (Highs: Dante’s Inferno. Lows: Satan in a good mood. Humidity %: fish could live on dry land.)

I’ve never been one to let the weather stop me from enjoying the season, though! I lead the way & let the weather follow. It’s a faith thing — if I decorate for it, it will come — right?! So I made a new wreath for our front door. The acorns hanging in the middle are actually jingle bells, which is a fun feature when the door swings open!

fall wreath

fall wreath

And since my surroundings absolutely won’t look like this for quite a while still, I’ve been enjoying looking at this picture I took from our hotel window on our honeymoon in Memphis last year.

Memphis in November

Memphis in November

I was up late at our dining room table working on a new collage last night! Theme? You guessed it… fall. It’s my favorite season & I’m so ready to embrace it.


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