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I’m so in love with this piece! I was tempted to leave it hanging on my own wall.



It came out exactly like I wanted it to (after many, many rearrangements): warm & rich & completely fall without actually having a single pumpkin or leaf on it!

I die for: that hand on the tree holding up an end of the banner, the gold circled medallions, the Kerouac excerpt (“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved…”), the window with curtains…….. oh all of it, really.



I enjoy the process of collaging so much. It’s like a puzzle, only you don’t actually know what it’s supposed to look like in the end and your pieces aren’t pre-cut. I can get lost in my own world for hours as I try to figure out where the pieces want to go to make a beautiful whole. When they don’t fit or work right, you just know, and you can’t force it anymore than you can force mismatched puzzle pieces together. The flip side is that when it DOES finally come together, you know, & it’s such a good feeling.

fall'13(1), framed

Fall’13(1), framed

[ Available at: ]

P.S. Are you on Instagram? If you are, find & follow me! I finally listened to my sister & signed up: username “merriamfrank” (of course!) I’m absolutely loving it. You’ll get lots of “#behindthescenes” and “#artinprogress” sneak peeks! And cat pictures. But I’ll try to keep a handle on those.


Author: merriamfrank

Cut & paste artist

13 thoughts on “Fall’13(1)

  1. I enjoyed reading your post about each part of this collage and can relate to getting lost in one’s work. I love how suddenly I realize that hours passed by. Cool quote!

    visiting from glue it tuesday:)

  2. here from GIT Great collage and I love how you’ve captured fall without the traditional pumpkins and leaves! I can see why you like it so :)

  3. I agree with you Merriam, it’s a great fall collage – and you’ve expressed the feeling of collage making very well too!

  4. love this collage!!!
    feels very warm and inviting…i want to reach in and be there with the banners, the kerouac words…

    • Ahh, what a great comment! Thank you : ) That’s how I feel, as well… like I just want to climb into it. I imagine if I could, there’d be a white chai tea and a large comfy chair in a glorious home-library with a crackling fire waiting all ready for me. [Given that it also transported me to somewhere cold enough for a fire. Ha.]

  5. love the inside colors, and the out! You are so right – when it works, it really does!

  6. perhaps you DO need to keep it ;)
    Nice work!

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