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Ta-da! Here’s the whole collage from which the 2 corner sneak peeks in the post below were taken…



As you can see, I’m still really digging warm gold, brown, & red colors right now…  From my perspective, this piece turned out more architectural than instinctual in its overall design. It was a fun change for me to play with squares and circles and color blocks!



[Apologies to the lady with the teacup for putting her lips in the saucer… I’m sure it makes it hard to sip, but at least her lipstick will stay perfect, right?]

[Also: I love the tree growing out of the couple’s clasped hands. I imagine their relationship growing & blossoming out of maybe a first dance? Maybe a family tree? ]

Fall'13(2), framed

Fall’13(2), framed

This spot in my house where I take pictures is right by a window, which is great for the natural light, but sometimes is a challenge with the glare. I should have waited for a less-bright day, but instead I tried a few angles that didn’t reflect the blinds and ended up loving this one below!

Fall'13(2), framed

Fall’13(2), framed

I know I’ve been yammering on about fall for a couple of posts in a row, but I’m actually taking a break from it to start on a pop art series that’s been on my mind. I shared a glimpse of bright clippings on Instagram last night…



I’m almost finished with it & can’t wait to share! It’s quite a change from what I’ve been doing, but it definitely fits with its inspiration… [Hint: ROAR!]

[ ::edit:: It’s now Tuesday, which is rapidly becoming my favorite day of the blog-week, thanks to Artsyville’s Glue it Tuesday feature!!! I love having visitors & going to look at all of the other artsy-glue-blogs. ]


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Cut & paste artist

13 thoughts on “Fall’13(2)!

  1. Oh, I love the rich fall colors. You and I were on the same wave-length this week! This collage has wonderful images and colors, I love it!

  2. I see the ROAR in your pic above! The framed piece looks architectural to me too. Maybe it’s the wallpaper and the candelabra, which I love. I’m on the west side of the house, and have the same problem with the sun shining through the windows at the end of the day. I stay away from the windows, since the room is so bright already! {:-Deb

    • Isn’t that candelabra great? I’m a sucker for them. I’ll have to hunt out a better spot for bright days – though we’re opposites, this was sunlight at the beginning of the day!

  3. fantastic imagery and composition-love the “great Scott”!!! It looks so wonderful framed and hanging.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    • Thank you!!!! I love the “great Scott” too — though I can’t look at it without hearing it in my head in Dr. Brown’s voice from the “Back to the Future” movies!

  4. Great colors…great collage…thanks for visiting my blog. I can see why you’re having so much fun in Artsyville…Aimee is truly an inspiration. Have fun!

  5. Such a rich, warm collage! Beautifully done & I love it framed! Looking forward to you “pop art ” series!

      • Merriam…I should have added a disclaimer to my Book List! ;) GWTW, although it’s listed as #1, is not my all time fave…the list was in no particular order! lol! And the book is waaaaay better than the movie (& I;m a fan of the movie!). Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Whoa! You’re so creative! Diggin the fall color scheme and that branch is beyond me!

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