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Life lately…


Life since last Tuesday has been a little busier than normal (on top of regular happenings, we crammed in a birthday dinner, a guest, a baby shower, & a bonfire party!) so I haven’t had time to finish any new collages. Instead, here’s an Instagram collection of some of what went on…





We sold my old car! This was a huge blessing for us. She (yes, she. Her name was Lola. I’m very much a personifier.) was a beloved & dependable “first car” for me, so I’m really thrilled to know that she’s moving on to her next life as someone else’s “first car” – a sweet college freshman who was SO excited about the nice radio my husband installed for me. I really think that might have been what did it for him. Although most of the sale price was already allocated for various responsible things (blah adulthood!), a little tiny bit of it bought a bottle of my favorite champagne for celebrating.

Then there was a birthday dinner for my mother-in-law, and then my dad came to visit! He’s off work right now due to some recovery time needed after a surgery and I was able to get a day and a half off work to spend with him. Since he’s an artist (among many, many other things), we had a great time going over collages and collage techniques and collage ideas. The excited conversation necessitated a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new tools… (and a new decorative pumpkin. You can not go in Hobby Lobby for just 1 or 2 things, am I right?)

new art tools

new art tools

Since I knew that my friend was receiving just oodles of really awesome stuff at her baby showers, I felt free to be a little inventive with my gift. I’m no pro at hand lettering, but the offer was sincere! She (and many other moms there) were VERY excited at this idea…

baby shower gift

baby shower gift

It reads: One month of grocery shopping service! That’s 4 BIG Saturday stock-up trips… anything that can be bought at WalMart, Super 1, or Brookshire’s! *AND* up to 3 Emergency evening (6pm – 9pm) quick trips! [Examples: “oh no! John’s at work and I’m out of diapers! – or – “there’s nothing for dinner, wish < insert restaurant > delivered…” -or – “Mama needs a bottle of wine STAT”] HOW IT WORKS: -> make a list  -> call, text, or email it to me  -> sit back & wait for groceries to arrive at your door  -> write a check for receipt amount

I finally got around to trying a new recipe that I’ve had printed out for awhile… Thai stir-fried sweet potato & beef with lime & mint! It was very good, although there are a few things I’ll do differently next time. (I always like to follow a new recipe pretty closely the first time just to see how it is.) I loved how sturdy & autumnal a dish it was with its orange & brown colors.

Thai stir-fried sweet potato & beef

Thai stir-fried sweet potato & beef

And, of course, a cat picture…  Endora first came home with me as a tiny, scrawny, funny-looking all black kitten on the day before Halloween 4 years ago. She’s now a gorgeous, fully-grown feline with a totally sumptuous black coat. I love the heart shape her haunches and hair make when she squats like this:

heart butt

heart butt

Check back again soon for the finished “ROAR” collage! It’s ready for glue, hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. I looooove that baby shower idea! So creative…and helpful!! Yay heart butt!

  2. Hahaha my favorite part of your comment was “Yay heart butt!”!!! Exactly what I say. ; )

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