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I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancin’ through the fire, cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me…



Here, finally, is “ROAR”! The first in a pop art series, this piece is 100% inspired by Katy Perry. It’s bright, loud, colorful, and fun! I may or may not have been listening to the song “Roar” on repeat almost the entire time I put it together…

It was a complete departure from my norm, since usually I like to work with little scenes and whole components (recognizable objects)… but for this, I let anything that was animal print, patterned, brightly colored, or all 3 catch my eye! Then, with just a few exceptions, I forced shapes onto the scraps: mostly triangles and hearts.

ROAR, framed

ROAR, framed

If you feel at all like confetti exploded in your face while you’re looking at, well… good!

I mentioned in my last post that when my dad visited us recently, he and I got into all manner of art-related discussions! If there is such a thing as a “former artist” then my dad is one. It’s been decades since he was able to give his artistic tendencies any time worth mentioning, but he has the born talent, education, and even professional experience, though from long ago. He looked over all of my collage efforts with me and we talked about techniques & ideas & multi-media possibilities… He introduced me to some new tools and even outfitted me with a few of them!

But probably the most valuable conversation we had was the one about loosening up. trying new things. not being afraid to try and fail because there really is no wrong or right there’s just trying and liking or trying and not liking so you try again and again and again and again until you do something that you like…

So that’s where I’m headed next! Opening myself up to the new ideas he gave me and trying out the new tools and techniques until I figure out how they fit in for me, with what I do already know I like: magazine pages.


Author: merriamfrank

Cut & paste artist

6 thoughts on “ROAR!

  1. I love your “Roar”! And your dad gave you some awesome advice! How cool to be able to have such deep & meaningful discussions with him about your passion. Looking forward to seeing where your path leads you!

  2. Roar, and exploding confetti-just brilliant!!! I love it framed. Nice words and gifts from your dad.

  3. Merriam, love this one!

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