Merriam Frank

Cut & Paste Artist


fall daydreams & sneak peeks…

Ok, I’m totally just daydreaming this fall thing now. True to form, Louisiana weather is being contrary… the so-called cold snap might have left us with mercifully lower-than-summer temperatures but with the humidity hanging out at 96% there is nothing “crisp” about the cool! I’m still trying hard, though. I have yummy fall scents in our scented-wax-warmer (“crackling fire” and “candy apple” make a magical combination), all the fall & Halloween decorations out, and all my favorite autumn music loaded in my stereo. Does anyone else do that? Have certain artists you listen to more at certain times of year? Christmas is an obvious season for music, but for me fall is just as strong an influence. The second that my soul gets an inkling of autumn (you know the one I mean? The tiny little throb of nostalgia, the tender pang of restored wonder at the world around you? Maybe it’s just me, but I find fall so much more rejuvenating than spring…) – I start listening to my boys, as I affectionately call them, pretty much exclusively. James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Rod Stewart. Maybe it’s their warm voices? I listen to them all year long, but during the autumn it’s A Thing. James, Paul, and Rod, with sides of The Shins, The Format, and Five for Fighting.

With their help, I’ve almost finished another fall collage despite the lack of ideal fall weather! It needs a top coat & framing, but here are 2 sneak peek corner shots from Instagram:

fall2preview1          fall2preview2

Favorite elements are the architectural squares & circles in the left picture and the sultry eye under the tree branch in the right one. Plus “Great Scott” just makes me giggle thanks to the Back to the Future movies.

Fun fact: I include an ‘S’ or a ‘W’ in every composition. Sometimes they’re obvious & sometimes they’re hidden. You can see the ‘S’ in these sneak peeks! Do you see it? It’s not the S of GREAT SCOTT, either.